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  Taizhou optronics co., LTD., founded in silicon wafer2001Years,Is one specialized is engaged in the high precision optical components research and development、Production and sales of technology companies。
    The company has the advanced optical plane parts processing、Testing equipment。The main equipment:Box multilayer coating machine、The ring polishing machine、The cutting machine、Grinding and polishing machine、Spectrophotometer、ZYGOPlanar laser interferometer、Precision goniometer、The wave plate phase delay detector、Pyramid testing special interferometer、Special interferometer pentagonal prism detection、CrystalXRay direction finder, etc。
    Main processing varieties:Wave plate、This prism、Pentagonal prism、Dispersion prism、Roof prism、Tiny edges.......

Address:Jiangsu taizhou xinghai 'industrial park road100Number

The phone:0523-86884623 


A mobile phone:13004445588

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